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Rap music

Rap-trends is the place to be to find any information about rap music in general, different styles of rap music and rappers and the history of rap music. It represents mainly my personal view but I am also interested in your, the reader’s, opinion. Don’t hesitate to share your comments and enjoy reading the posts.

Rap trends’ main purpose is to present all information about rap into one bundle. It also allows you to see what music you like and which artists you prefer.

Apart from general information about rap music, there’s information to be found about American rappers, French rappers and Dutch rappers.

Promotion of Dutch rappers

In the Netherlands there are two important platforms where rappers and rap music is promoted. The first one is 101Barz. It’s a YouTube channel with sessions of rappers, presented by Rotjoch. Here’s a good example of a session of 101Barz, this is the best-viewed session now online.


The second important platform is Zonamo Underground. Its both a label and a platform. The videos on the YouTube channel are hosted by Barungs, the artists are mainly boys from the street. The rap style is more rough than on 101Barz.


Promotion of American rappers

Similar platforms for the promotion of rappers can be found in other countries as well. In the United States there’s WorldstarHipHop. This platform was founded in 2005 and there are more than 500.000 unique visitors per day. It’s (in)famous for the fights and violence that are shown on the videos, it’s called the CNN of the ghettos.

Another example of a US platform for rappers is XXL. It has a studio with a DJ and rappers are invited to do their thing. In these sessions, the texts are written in advance, but the rapper doesn’t know the beat and has to improvise with his own flow. Here’s an example of a session with over 37 million views.