Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd consists of the Hiphop duo Swae Lee and Slim Jxmm. Kahlif Brown (Swae Lee) was born on June 7, 1995, in Whittier, California. Aaquil Brown (Slim Jxmm) was born on December 29, 1993, in Tupelo, Mississipi. They started as a group with the name Dem Outta State Boyz, in 2013. The rappers, then named Dem Outta State Boyz, perform on parties in their mother’s basement and they play in several bars.  On Januari 1, 2014, they sign a record deal with the label EarDrummers.  The name Rae Sremmurd is the reverse spelled EarDrummers. Their first track No Flex Zone gets a lot of extra attention because rapper Nicki Minaj released a remix of the song. The track already has passed 247 million views. After a month the track No Type was released. No Type received 525 million views. The debut album of the rappers was called Sremmlife and was released in 2015. It sold 1 million copies immediately and received the Platinum status. Rae Sremmurd is popular because it’s easy to listen to, the sound is really catchy. They often use cheerful and low-speed instrumentals. The lyrics are catchy and easy to remember: ‘I aint got no type bad bitches is the only thing that I like’. Lyrics such as this one are well received in the audience. The songs are usually about girls and money. The image they express of themselves is that of two boys who want to have fun, and this works well in the general public.  The use of voice by Swae Lee is noticable, he often sings with a high pitch, sometimes almost out of tune. Changing the pitch of the voices is a thing these rappers do a lot.

The tracks are played frequenty on the radio because of the positive and simple radiance that is well received on parties. The rappers stand out with the bandanas they wear. Rae Sremmurd got even more exposure after the release of their hitsingle Black Beatles with Gucci Mane. This song was played during the Mannequin Challenge hype in which people don’t move while they are filmed. The rappers not only get enormous numbers of views on YouTube, also on Spotify they have 16,4 million listeners each month. Black beatles was streamed over 332 million times. They are on position 49 of the most listened to artists.

The tracks of Rae Sremmurd I like best are:

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