Sevn Alias

Sevaio Mook was born on November 4, 1996 in Amsterdam-West. He is a Dutch rapper. Sevaio Mook started rapping with the name Odje Taylor. In 2013, he was a member of the group D-Boyz, they were invited by Zonamo Underground for a session. The session was viewed 69.000 times. In the same year, Odje Taylor did a ”hou je bek” (shut up) session with 140.000 views. Sevaio demonstrated an incredible flow with many punchlines and mainly English words.  It was already clear that he was very talented, but it needed a little bit of refining.

Looking back on his time as Odje Taylor, he refers to that as ‘a coupe of loose things’ and ‘building up a name’.  A number of clips have been made in his time as Odje Taylor, but they have been removed from internet, because he was not sure of the quality. It became silent for a while around Odje Taylor and according to Sevaio, the motivation was simply gone, he had to put things in perspective, as he calls it himself. He did a few steps back and looked around for a while, and checked out the rap game.  He showed himself assertive in 2013, by saying in an interview with Rotterdam Airlines (a Dutch record label): “I hope you have enjoyed your time because now my time has come and you will notice that”.

This has proved to be an understatement, we definitely have noticed. Sevaio Mook has made his comeback with the stage name Sevn Alias, and now he is one of the greatest rappers in the Netherlands.

The change of name has turned out well for Sevn. Sevn Alias, signed a deal with the record label Rotterdam Airlines Music Group (RAMG), and throws a few individual tracks online, for example Radicaal, Try me (Freestyle), Free the gass, Tip etc. Almost all of these tracks get around 500.000 views. Sevn also released the track Mrowen, meaning struggling. This brings the definitive breakthrough of Sevn Alias with 2,3 million views. His change of flow with Moroccan slang turns out wel for him.

In 2015 Sevn Alias throws the mixtape ‘Twenty Four Sevn”, which is the moment that Sevn, according to Rotjoch (presenter of 101Barz),  ”really locked up the game”, meaning that he is considered to be a serious rapper, one of the best.  Sevn immediately gets a 101Barz session. Rotjoch starts to praise him by calling him next up. The session goes viral and jumps to 4,9 million views, which is a lot for a Dutch rapper. Sevn now becomes interesting for featurings. He appears on the track Mandela with SBMG and Louis and D-Double. The song is about the rappers’ own lifes. They compare the struggle for money and for a good life with the struggle for freedom of Nelson Mandela. It becomes an enormous succes with 11,6 million views.  After that, Sevn throws Ma3lish (doesn’t matter) online, a track that was also in his 101session. Again, it becomes an enormous succes with 4,5 million views.

Sevn’s popularity grows very fast. Because of that, 101Barz interviews Sevn to look back on the time period before his big success. Sevn explains why he uses so many Moroccan words in his raps. In Amsterdam-West, where he grew up, there are many young with a Morrocan background.  Sevn then moved to Almere, Stedewijk-noord. According to Sevn: ”Everyone who knows the neighbourhood knows there are only Mocros (Moroccan people) there. I have always been surrounded by Mocros. Its just as if you have been away too long to Surinam and have returned with accent, you know?”. On his first day in school, Sevn was approached by Jairzinho (rapper) or Luciano (Winter), one of the owners of Rotterdam airlines with the request to record a track with Jairzinho, this was to become a remix. This was the start of a successful career.

Sevn’s most streamed track on Spotify is Gass, with over 23 million streams. Every month 545.000 people listen to Sevn.

The tracks of Sevn I like best are:




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