Sofiane Boussaadia was born on February 28, 1993, in Aubervilliers, France. He is a Dutch rapper. At the age of four, he moved to his uncle in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Later they lived in Houston (USA) for two years, after which he moved to Alkmaar(Netherlands) when he was 13. This is where Sofiane Boussaadia spent his youth. At the age of 16, Sofianewas imprisoned for half a year in youth detention. At the age of 18 he is imprisoned again for one and a half years for committing a crime.   Boef (meaning criminal in Dutch) doesn’t want to expand on that, except that in an interview with 101Barz, he said “in the past we liked the life of crooks”. After that, he spent another half year in prison because of a refusal to cooperate with the probation officer.

As soon as Boef was released from prison, he was promoted by an unfamiliar rapper from Alkmaar (Dutch town) who approached Nadir (boss of the Dutch label Zonamo Underground). Nadir was told there was a new big time rapper, and he asked for a video and the whole story. Boef was then invited for a spitsession, on Februari, 23, 2015 online on the Zonamo Underground youtube channel, this explodes immediately.  In that session, Boef wore a Chelsea suit and a Gucci cap and demonstated a strong aggressive flow. His  punchline kicking street lines immediately strike like thunder. At this moment the counter is on 4.2 million views.  Before this, no one knew Boef as a rapper. He didn’t have a YouTube channel or facebook account, only an Instagram account.

After that session he signed a contract with record label Zonamo Underground. Boef and the Zonamo label grow rapidly. He was invited a second time for a studio session at Zonamo on May 28, 2015, and this is received well again and got 3.1 million views.  The presenter of 101Barz, Rotjoch, knows about Boef’s success, he listes to his fans and said: “you have been asking for this man for a long time on social media and all that shit. I’m talking about Boef, and you know if someone goes hard, he comes at 101″. The session received 6,5 million views. Boef is becoming more famous because of his incredible punchlines that roll over each other in his tracks. He loves to rap with a lot of punchlines. He wants people to have them think hard over his lyrics, and if they don’t understand them to think again.

Boef puts his tracks online on YouTube. His track ‘een jaar geleden (a year ago)’ got 4,2 million views in no time. He then attracted the interest of Drovideo that invited him for a Freestylen. On an Arabic beat he trows the track ”over met rappers (over with rappers)”. It got 1,7 million views. Until now, the rapper from Alkmaar just dropped an EP, named ”Gewoon boef (simply Boef)”. Each and every track where Boef appears with a clip is guaranteed to result in a few million views.

Although the rap audience is enthousiastic about the punchline rapper, the media isn’t. Boef had started a Vlog channel on YouTune to earn more money, and was invited at RTL Late Night (talkshow in the Netherlands), where his way of vlogging is discussed. The taskshow guests find him demeaning and bullying on his YouTube vlogs.  For example, he had filmed a female police officer and was not sure if it was a man or a women and referred to her as ‘it’. The talkshow guests and presenter also fell over his remark that he had fucked the daughter of a police detective.

The rapper has announced a new album called ”Slaaptekort (insomnia)” . It was scheduled for release on February 23, 2017, but at the time of writing, there’s a delay. On Spotify the track “Overal (everywhere)” is with 12,4 million streams, his most streamed track. He has 759.000 listeners per month.

On March 17 Boef released his album ”Slaaptekort”, listen to it on Spotify.

The tracks I like best are:



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