PNL(Peace N’ Lovés): Peace and money is a French rapgroup that consists of two brothers. The eldest one, Tarik was born in 1986 while Nabil was born in 1989. Both brothers were raised in Corbeil-Essonnes, France. Corbeil Essonnes is a suburb of Parijs. They were raised by an acquaintance from Algeria because their mother was absent. Their father was out the picture too because he was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for bank robbery. Both started a solo rap career, but failed. They waited until Tarik, the eldest of the two, was released from prison, because he was jailed for a drugs-related crime. In March 2015, their debut album was released: ”Que La Famille”. In this album the unique style of PNL was clearly presented. In October 2015 they become known by the larger audience after they dropped the album ”Le Monde Chico”. Their track ”Le Monde ou Rien” gets a lot of views: 68,1 million times. The lyrics are about the uselessness of living life on the right track, they think that this gets you nowhere.

The rapper’s style is typical French and comparable the another French rapper SCH. PNL uses a lot of autotune and their way of thinking is very comparable to that of SCH: money is all that matters and if you can’t get it the ‘honest’ way, you have to find another way. They don’t talk about their private life and keep this a mystery. They don’t want to belong to the establishment and want to separate themselves from that.

On Spotity, their most streamed track ‘Naha’ has been steamed 16.5 million times. They have 1 million listeners per month.

The tracks I like best are:



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