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Miles Parks McCollum was born on August 23, 1997, in Mableton, Georgia in The United States of America. He is an Amrican trapper who moved from the trap town Atlanta to New York to promote his career. Lil Yachty has a number of aliases: RD, Darnell Boat and Lil Boat. He is the founder of the rap style bubblegum trap. His sources of inspiration are Soulja Boy and Andre 3000. He has been a member of the rap group “The Yacht club”. Because these rappers were all older than Miles McCollum, he has given himself the stage name Lil Yachty.

School was not the thing for Lil Yachty. He had different views about education and thought that the education system lagged 10 years behind developments in society. Lil Yachty worked himself into trouble by shopping with fake creditcards. This was a wakeup call for him to work on something that would give him a better future. He started to focus more on his lyrics and associated with other boys who weren’t getting enough recognition: Burberry Perry and K Supreme. The three of them worked in Lil Yachty’s bedroom and started to become successful when Lil Yachty’s hit ”Minnesota” was played on the radio. Lil Yachty got in contact with a man who helped him to get in the same studio as the rap formation Migos. He threw a clip online on Twitter, called ”1 night”. The clip was retweeted quickly from 100 to 500, 1000 and then from 10.000 to 100.000 retweets, and after that WorldstarHiphop has put it online. This was noticed by Rapper Chief Keef who has put it online too. Lil Yachty became famous in an instant. The trapper was then introduced to rapper ASAP Rocky. They went to a fashion show together and since then he cooperates with the rappers he has always looked up to.

On May 26 Lil Yachty released his album ”Teenage Emotions”, listen to it on Spotify.

The tracks I like best are:




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