Migos is a hiphop group that was formed in 2009, the members are Quavo, Takeoff and Offset. The three are relatives. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle and Offset is Quavo’s cousin. The father of Quavo died when the rapper was only 4 years old. The father of Takeoff and Offset’s father leave the rappers at young age and the boys seek comfort with each other.  Quavo’s mother looks after the boys. In 2010 the three live together in a run-down house (Bando) where they cooked and sold crack. All three were inspired by the same rappers, Gucci Mane, Outkast and Hot Boys. They started to practice rappig at home and work at their flow.  They are noticed quickly and their tracks are played by dj’s in clubs because the rappers pay their drinks. They become successful in stripclubs in Atlanta at first. At that moment, the group started to takeoff. Then Offset gets into trouble by stealing a car and violates his probation. He is stuck in jail when the group needs him most.

They release their first track ‘’Bando’’ and it becomes a success with 9 million views. It attracts the attention of the well known beatmaker Zaytoven from Atlanta. Gucci Mane gets in touch with the rappers and gives them the opportunity to record tracks and to practice for 6 weeks long in a studio. He offers them a contract with his label  ‘’1017 Brick Squad’’, but the rappers decline the offer and sign with Quality Controls Music. In 2013 they throw the track ‘’Versace’’ online and send it to Drake, who likes it a lot and makes a remix of it.  They release their mixtape ‘’Young Rich Niggas’’, which is considered their best mixtape until then.  The album ends on the 27th spot in the best album list in 2013 and on the 6th spot as best hiphop album list in that year. The boys now really start to get recognition and buy a house for their mothers. They get in trouble regularly though. In florida, the car the rappers drive in gets shot by enemies of a small group that drives along with the Migos.  The rappers are accused of attacking their own fans on 2 different liveshows. In 2015 their tour bus was inspected by the police. A number of drugs are found, cocaine, oxycodon and codeine. Also, a loaded gun was found in a schoolzone by the police. Quavo and Offset were arrested.

The rappers become famous with the larger audience after their track “Bad and Boujee” that was viewed more then 276 million times. This is also their most-streamed track on Spotify with 198.6 million streams. Every month, 18.6 million people listen to the rappers, which puts them on position 38 in the world.

The tracks I like best are:



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