Travi$ Scott

Jaques Webster was born on April 30, 1992, in Houston, USA. He is an American rapper. Jaques lived in the hood until his 6th, with his grandma, but moved then to his mother who worked for Apple. Jaques was sent to a private school in a wealthier area.  He looks up to the students who wear nice and expensive cloths. He wants those too, and thinks he has to figure a way to achieve that too.  Jaques comes from a musically gifted family. His grandpa was a Jazz composer and his father was a drummer and piano player. At the age of 16, Jaques started to produce hiphop beats after listening to Kanye West’s debut album ‘’The College Dropout’’. Jaques does very well at school but starts to skip classes because he need time to practice with his music. His parents don’t want him to become a musician and take away his equipment from him.  This is the cause of a lot of arguments and fights at his home.

He then started to work with a good friend, Chris Holloway, and they named themselves ‘’The Graduates’’. The rapper lied then to his parents that he needed money for his school books. He used that money to book a ticket to New York to work there with the group.  They released a mixtape before a new member was added in 2011: OG Chess. Then rename the group into “The Classmates”. The group falls apart pretty fast because of personal conflicts and disagreements about splitting the money. Meanwhile, his parents visited the school and discovered that the rapper did not attend school anymore.  They block his creditcard. Travis Scott then was stuck in LA with no money at all and he decided to go back home to his parents.  Still, he doesn’t give up, and he secretly puts his music online. He then was called by a friend who pays him a ticket to LA. When he arrives in LA, he has been called several times by T.I. and the managment of the rapper to ask him to come to the studio in LA. T.I. and Travis Scott release the track ”Animal” together and this is the moment Travis Scott starts to become successful. He gets in touch with his idol Kanye West and they work together on Kanye’s album ‘’Cruel Summer’’. The big breakthrough for the rapper was when he put his own album, named ‘’Owl Pharaoh’’, online.

The most streamed track of the rapper on Spotify is ‘’Pick up the phone’’ with 125 million streams. Every month 10.9 million people listen to the rapper. This gets him on position 98 in the world.

The tracks I like best are:



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