Sidney Royel Selby III was born on May 3, 1997, in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American rapper. Ne was raised by his mother in Brooklyn, in a neighbourhood with a lot of crime. Sidneys dream is to make it big time, and to escape the hood. Sidney sang in a churchchoir and wrote raps. He was dealing drugs to earn some money, but stopped when he was shot at the age of 14.  His granddad is a famous Blues musician and when he sees that his grandpa has a lot of success with his music Sidney decided that he wanted that too. School isn’t his thing.  He started rapping under the name ”Dezolo” but changed this into  ”Designer Royel” later. His sister suggested a name change into Desiigner.

The rapper makes a lot of music and released his first clip in  2014. Its called ”Danny DeVito” and received 42,000 views. Desiigners’ big success comes after the release of the track ”Panda”. His favourite car, the BMW X6, reminds him of a Panda. Working on that track took him 1.5 year and he almost sold the hook of the track to other artists. His managers, however, though it was better if he kept the track for himself. On YouTube, the track received over 212 million views with the clip, and 359 million without the video clip. The rapper stands out for his unique style on stage. He dances energetically and he public explodes because of that. Desiigner was contracted by the rapper ”Kanye West” at the label ”GOOD Music”. Desiigner is compared with the rapper Future. Until now, he has released 1 mixtape: New English, and an album named The Life of Desiigner. On Spotify, his most streamed track ”Panda” has been streamed 557 million times. Every month 11.3 million people listen to the rapper, which puts him on position 90 in the world.

The tracks I like best are:



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