Wanani Gradi Mariadi was born on November 28, 1990, in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. He is a French rapper with Congolese roots. He started rapping in a group named ”59”. The rapper is known for his own music series called Sheguey (child of the street). Gradur’s style is comparable with rapper MHD. He too has his own music series, called ”Afro trap”. They both share the same style. Gradur can play a very swinging track while the next one may be very aggressive.  Until now, the rapper has released the series until Sheguey 11. His lyrics are all about the streetlife and are often shocking. He has released 2 mixtapes : ShegueyVara and ShegueyVara Vol. 2 and 2 albums: L’homme au bob and Where Is l’album de Gradur. On Spotify his most streamed track is ”Rosa” with 8.8 million streams. The rapper gets 615,000 listeners per month.

The tracks I like best are:


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