Brandon Martino, known as Beazy , Is a NEW and upcoming R&B Singer/Rapper coming out of Atlanta. He’s said to have been singing all his life but decided to add a rap flow to grab attention to a bigger audience. He’s entered the rap-game a little over six months ago and has over 25,000+ Soundcloud plays and has been known to work on Songs such as “Gang Up” By Unghetto Mathieu and has gotten looks from some labels. Only To post a song once every two months , and barely post on Social Media, he wants to remain somewhat a mystery, to give his fans a deeper connection to his music, He’s said to be working on an EP coming out this year but until then you  can check out His latest Single “Message” which is out EVERYWHERE

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  • 14 May 2017 at 04:17

    he fine. he gon be my baby daddy ‼️


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