Jhace Smith

This is the story as told by Jhace Smith:

I’m not from a small town, I was born in Oklahoma City and moved to Arkansas (where I currently reside now) I am a student at the university of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and while I am pursuing an electrical engineering degree, I’d much rather be able to create music and touch the world that way. Ever since I was young I was always good with language and writing, I used to write poems for girls when I was younger and they used to love them but no one ever really paid it any mind. I gave it up for a while, I won a couple contests when I was younger for poetry as well. But that’s beside the point. I guess you can say I’ve always had a knack for creating something that people would just hear or read, but something they’d actually feel. And I want to become known and famous not because I want tons of money and all this promised love or anything. I just want more people to be able to hear what I have to offer, I want more people to feel their soul touched by my music and if they were thinking about doing anything drastic, maybe they wouldn’t after hearing my songs. I just want to be there for people. And I appreciate you for giving guys the opportunity to get a little more publicity and get their names out here. It’s not easy at all. But all that said…

Listen here to the soundcloud of Jhace Smith: soundcloud.com/Jhace-smith-513858297

Thank you, Sincerely,
Jhace Smith

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