Slim Guwopo

Dullah Titus (born May 10th 1998) better known by his stage name Slim Guwopo (stylized as Guwopoveli) is an Upcoming music artist, dancer, and song writer from the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Covington, Georgia at the age of 4 and plans to take over the small town. He is a leader/member of his new wave group “4TUN” from which he adopted his new sounds.
Guwopo released his debut mixtape “Leanguage” in 2015. The artist played 2 songs from the mixtape at his first homecoming at Newton high school, which caused him to get more plays on soundcloud. The success of his single “Leanin” from the mixtape led to more publicity with his music.
In 2014, Slim Guwopo formed the 4TUN crew, a Covington-based collective of rappers, producers, music video directors, fashion designers, and dancers who shared similar interests in music, fashion, style, and art. In late August 2016, Guwopo released his 2nd well known mixtape Guwopo 1 which includes his first 2 debut singles “Dawg” & “YKWTFGO” which also created a larger fan base for the artist.
Guwopo has announced that he will be dropping a new mixtape “Guwopo 1.5” with no release date. “It’ll be a surprise, just wait on it” he says. He has the vision and plans to change lives with his music alone.

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