Cash Coupe

The story as told in the words of Cash Coupe:

Im a 13 year old rapper from Slidell, La. I started rapping around 11 but starting taking it seriously around a year ago. I have progressed tremendously since then. My inspirations in music are A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti. My main goal of music is to be different from other rappers, being the same as everyone else is simple and boring.

Me and a rapper named  “Fore!gn”have a song on soundcloud called “Years” which has close to 10,000 plays, I also have a song called “DAMAGE” which is my most popular song right now. Rappers like “Rich $ole” and “Lil Safari” are working with me to make new music in the future. I work hard on every song i release. I hope to spread my fanbase in a lot of different areas in the future.

Check here the Soundcloud of rapper Cash Coupe

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