Ynicbuckz is a upcoming artist out of Fort Wayne, IN With his new hot single “New King” He has done collaborations with other artist such as, Vonta FrmDa 260, Keeno MBK & Many more are coming soon.


Born May 26, 2000 Kyree Williams tells us a Lil about how he started rapping “Well you know it started with me and my Niggas we was Chillin smokin an my nigga Q turned a beat on an was like rap, I’m like man hell Nah he like “Come on bra” So you know I get my ass up not knowin wtf to say an just start freestylin, Whole time I’m Rappin These niggas like damnnnn bro I ain’t know you was good like that so I’m like maybe I should start doin this shit ”


Ynicbuckz has told us about his mixtape called (YNIC4L) not dropped but will be released very soon, Buckz is a very talented artist an he says he’s tired of everybody doubting him but knows hate comes with Rappin


Link to his song New King : https://youtu.be/WfhcUr4M5ag


Link to his song Lies: https://youtu.be/moRrngEoENI


Also You can Search Ynicbuckz up on the Mymixtapez app


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