The story as told in the words of Benjamin Reese:

Well my name is Benjamin Reese I am from zone 4 west side of Atlanta Georgia I been rapping every since I was a little boy my family tell me when I was little I use to walk up to them and just start freestyling and every since then I love to rap but at one point of time everybody wanted me to play football cause I was always big.but it didn’t work out cause I got lock up so every since then I just stuck to rapping but I am only 17 I turn 18 soon but I just gotta be humble and wait til it’s my time to shine I no what ever god do is for the the best so.

Check 5k.16 his soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/cootierecords/5k16-tsuko24k-gold-prod-by-street-vermin

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