The story as told in the words of Anubis:
My name is Sean Adams aka “Anubis”, I grew up in Chicago Illinois in a small town. Music has always been my passion growing up but I was a born dancer. During my 8th/Freshman year, me and my dance group “CHiKiDZ” started to do a lot of performances and winning first place for talent shows in our school district. America’s Got Talent, Chicago’s Got Talent, School dances, Parties, etc. We all separated and began to form a love for rapping with lyricism and formed a new group called “MOA” (Music Over All). I fell in love with word play and fast rapping as exercised in my “#TenToesChallenge”, “Head Knock Freestyle”, and “Bad Joke Freestyle”. Many believe that I’m ahead of my time for a 16 year old.. But I just came to bring the passion of Hip Hop back.

Soon working with the members of “YNIC” in Fort Wayne, Indiana to further network our vision as young rappers.

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