Robin Arayan was born on august 26, 1996, and is a Dutch rapper who lives in Almere. Robin started his career as a youtuber with prank videos. He owns a successful Youtube channel with over 400.000 subscribers. His friens Kwaaivines and Snapking also have a Youtube channel where they promote eachother’s videos. A lot of people think he crosses the line in his videos for which he has been discredited a lot. He has made videos about stealing his friend’s scooter, throwing pies in the faces of ‘people he doesn’t know’, dress up as Justin Bieber and let people believe he is actually Justin Bieber, and pranking on the streets. He is inspired by the well-known Youtuber VitalyzdTv.

Armoowasright went viral when he uploaded his video: HOOD PRANK SCHOENEN GESTOLEN BIJLMER EDITIE (his shoes were stolen) that was picked up in the Dutch media for which he received a lot of publicity.  The newspaper “De telegraaf” even added it to their website.  There’s a lot of discussion about the authenticity of his videos: most people think they are fake and think the videos are staged. Armoowasright initially denied this but recently het admitted that about 85 percent of his videos are fake.  All this attention, despite the negative nature, has been good publicity for the Youtuber and rapper. Armoowasright already announced this for some time, but is now seriously focussed on rapping. In a short period of time he threw out three songs: Louis Vuitton, Laden (Loading) and Zwart haar (Black hair), they all score many views.

The sound of his music is rap music  with a house sound. The rapper hopes his numbers will be played in all clubs in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of hate against this rapper, it cannot be denied that his music sounds good and he has put a lot of work in it.

The tracks I like best are:




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