Nike Nate

Nike Nate is a 26 year old artist/creative from Flatbush, Brooklyn branding himself Nike from his passion of collecting kicks and constant need to express himself in streetwear culture.His music can be described as a mixture of NYC cockiness infused lyrics over smooth stoner instrumentals. Growing up nate was raised by his Jamaican mother who worked 3 jobs seeing his jobs mom working her ass off and still not being able to make enough automatically turned nate off to the working man life and at the age of 13 nate turned to music by starting off making beats with his best friend Blacka as part of the production duo ShoeBox Sniffers. With his mother always busy working nate was raised similarly to a foster kids becoming extended family in multiple homes. My earliest music influence I would say comes from my older brother in the early to late 90s my older Jamaican brother was a reggae/dancehall Dj on Brooklyn but unlike his brother nate didn’t have the same passion reggae as brother but quickly turned to hip hop and rap where he says he found relatability in music

check here his soundcloud:

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