2kbryy and Quanny6ix

Quanny6ix on the left and 2kbryy on the right
2kBryy & Quanny6ix are 2 upcoming teenage  rappers that live in Daytona Beach Fl. Inspired by artists such as Duwap kaine, Lil yachty rich the kid, 21 savage and Playboi carti.
2kbryy is originally from Fayetteville North Carolina but moved to a few different states such as Florida, Georgia, and Kansas .Quanny6ix is originally from Rochester New York and moved to Florida.
We just started rapping and taking it serious about a month ago and people are really messing with it in our area we’re just trying to expand now. We like to rap about turnt stuff that makes you wanna go wild.
We are a mixture of Trap and bubblegum trap and have different flows in every song .
It’s a little harder makin it out with this type of sound where we live because everybody loves the gangster rap more and aren’t  as open to things like auto tune and rap put in one. People like duwap kaine and Lil yachty are paving the way for this fun sound that we  claim. 2kbryy’s Instagram is @lilbryann and Quanny6ix’s Instagram is @quanny6ix

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