RLM is an upcoming group consisting of two members named “Rugrrat ” and “Jaayswae”. Real names Antonio Price and Japrintis Jenkins, started the group in late 2015 and started growing in popularity in the beginning of the 2017 year. They have done collaborations with rising producer “Jtrell” and PNW artist “J.Apollo”. They music varies from R&B to Rap to a different type of style. The various amount of styles and flows the group carries makes their next move unpredictable. A lot of potential in the group in coming months so lets see where it leads. Instagrams: @rugrrat @jaayswae Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/rlmmusicc

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  • 25 May 2017 at 00:25

    I don’t know them but I’m fucking with their music


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