My real name is De but people call me  D’niggato. That is also my rapper name too. I’m from New Smyrna Beach FL. I am 15. I got the name D’niggato because of my name De, and I like the word niggato from a meme about Naruto. I’m one of those rappers that watch anime that are cool af. A lot of people say I’m a quiet kid and I act really white. I don’t have many black friends so I deiced to start rapping so the black kids would like me. I started to get really into it, and I wanted to stunt on all the lames in my town that “rap”. All the white kids at my school really likes my music, and some black kids just thinks of me as a big joke. That made me want to create even better music. I see myself really big in this rap career, but for that to happen I need to start making moves. So I guess this would give me a little jump start. I have friends that knows how to produce beats, but I’m so picky with my beats I might start learning how to make my own beats. My style is pretty different from most people so that’s why I get a lot of hate from people. Getting hate actually motivates me to do even better. I know I have a lot to improve and that’s what I’m going to do this summer. I know that I’m going to be famous in the future and a big star. I just need to be recognized, bring up my sauce, and drop bangers on bangers. I have a pretty good mindset when it comes to being successful and that’s all you need to get where you want in life.
 I would recommend to check me out!

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