So yea Im Jimmytherokkstar and I wouldn’t call myself a rapper. I make music for almost anyone to vibe to. I had the idea a few years ago and just now started recording my senior year. Its going pretty well for a start. Im from a small city in Connecticut called bridgeport. Its hard to come up around here due to lack of support and effort in trying to do something and sticking to it. That doesnt phase me tho. Theres only a few others in my city doing it too and i fuck with all of them. Im inspired by tyler the creator, Asap rocky, yachty and Uzi. My goal is to make a platform for any artist in my city that wants to he heard. Im not selfish so I wont hideaway from where I came from. I have a project Ive been working on the past months called ”Last summer was dead” that will be releasing in a few days. hopefully this project gets me more exposure and then so on from there.

Check here his soundlcoud

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