Marvin Boone

Marvin Boone (MarvFrmBpt) is an 18 year old rapper from Bridgeport, Connecticut and he has some of the hottest bars coming from this city. His first song(The City- with TrellThatGuy) was released May 2016 and he\’s dropped hot tracks ever since. Marvin has been in love with music as early as the age of 6, and started to persue a career in music at the age of 8. He started off singing and was pretty goid at it, but he always loved the vibe rap music gave him. At the end of his junior year, his close friend Latrell(TrellThatGuy) came and asked him to collab on their very first track \”The City\”. Once they released the song, it touched nearly 1k plays on soundcloud and is still increasing today. It was the first of many great collaborations. 3 months later, they dropped their 2nd song \”Flu\” and got nearly 4 times the plays they did from the first release. In November 2016 Marvin dropped his 4on4 mini tape that included \”F.W.M\”, \”The Best\”, \”Wait A Minute Remix!\”( FT. MULA GUAPO), and his \”Sorry not sorry Freestyle\” which had the most plays out of the 4 songs. Marvin is currently working on his mixtape \”NFG\” and is currently brainstorming with CT on lock, but hes kept his listeners satisfied with his new releases \”Monstars\” and \”Diamonds\” with TrellThatGuy which maybe their best songs yet! Marvin says \”NFG\” is the first of many mixtapes to come. Here are the links to his music! DIAMONDS MONSTARS! Sorry not sorry! MarvFrmBpt Social media Insta: MarvFrmBpt


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