AzazelTheOne¬†aka Lil Z ‘e aka The One aka Z ‘e is a young artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a very diverse artist that take’s a serious approach on music. His sound can range from a old school feel to a positive feel-good vibe to hard demanding energy to finally a strange future trap style. What is also impressive is how he can hit a double-time flow and still have amazing clarity. He has many inspirations for his music such as Joey Bada$$, Travis $cott, Denzel Curry, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. But the people who ever really influenced his mind and lifestyle he said would have to be the Underachievers, FlatBush ZOMBiES, and Capital Steez. The young artist never really had any idea on what to do in the future at a young age of 14. He was really just doing and quote “stupid shit, making my parents disappointed and sad, not giving a shit for anything and not caring what the hell would happen to me tomorrow”. A little after that a former friend of his(DK NYRVANA) hit him up asking him if he was interested in starting up a music collective. Azazel’s first response was “no” but he thought about it and decided to create the next day. They took it from there dropping songs left and right and even got noticed by a label(Atlantic Records) which from what he said \”they never sign me..said I was too young and to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t sign”. Azazel was also able to score two shows in the Marietta area of the city. Azazel has also dropped a mixtape by the name of “722” which he said “it’s not near as good as the new stuff I will put me. Here are three links to his most recent songs. His soundcloud is AzazelTheOne and his collective’s YouTube Channel is PHACXL \”If I never turned on my phone that day or if I never even cared to answer his message..I wouldn’t be here today.” – AzazelTheOne

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