My name is Cannen I’m born in New York and moved to El Paso Texas. I go by the rap name 7am. Im 16 and I started rapping in 7th grade and got a lot of hate for it 7th-9th grade I was always alone and “bullied” I guess. 10th grade I got noticed on SoundCloud and got thousand of views the people that hated on me tried to come close with me after my whole SoundCloud broke 120k+ views. I ignored the hate and started doing a few shows here and there and the money I was making was insane for not even beging big. I’ve made quite a few money in 6 months and i love jewelry so i bought over $20k worth of it I use to walk around in the same clothes and this year begin in 10th grade i would walk around with $13k around my neck. Rap is more of a hobbie and something I love I’m blessed to have what i have right now. 666°

Check here his soundcloud

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