Miles Green

My name is miles green, I’m an upcoming rapper from Bridgeport Connecticut, I’ve been making music and writing my own songs since 4th grade. My rap name is JaviBeKing, my music is influenced by artist such as Montana of 300, J.Cole, Lil Uzi, Ugly God, and Famous Dex. I listen to a whole bunch of songs from different genres to put together and put into songs. I started mixing and mastering my own music a month after Kango dropped. I started recording 5 months ago and my first song was Kango, released on SoundCloud. kango was released January 2017. The song got 492 plays, 2 repost, 16 likes, and a few downloads. I recently created a YouTube channel where I posted my previously released songs. My second song “Twinkle Toe”, released in March 2017, got almost twice the amount of plays as kango, and continues to get plays today along with Kango and my other songs. I constantly work on trying to better my craft, and create something people will like. More songs are coming soon, along with Music videos this summer.

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