My name is BOOM I’m 15 I am from the northside of Philadelphia, PA. I started rapping last year, I use to record off my phone in my bedroom I use to be very corny at my rapping until my blood brother taught me how to get better. After that I’ve been getting better and better at my creation in in my music I am a non-autotune, autotune rapper at most points it only depends on my beats I choose. Last year I met another artist around social media (Instagram) such as Young Danny, Yung Spain, and much more others, me and Yung Spain did a song called No Time produced by Nikko Bunkin ever since that song came together friends from my school said I should continue to use autotune. Artist who influence me to rap are Chief Keef, Lil Uzi Vert, My Brother, & Famous Dex. I make “Flex Music” & “Emotional Music” And my motivation is “Keep Going And Don’t Stop”. I do this for me & my folks I love dearly.
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