Dizzy Hunchoo

Deion Cooper better Known as stage name “Dizzy Hunchoo” is an Upcoming Saint Louis Artist , born on June 14th , 1999 & is ready to set Stl On Fire. Dizzy Hunchoo has an upcoming mixtape Dropping June 14 , 2017 Called “The Real Dizzy Hunchoo The Mixtape”. This will be his debut mixtape he has been writing music since he was the Age of 12 at the age of 17 he made his own studio from scratch now He makes music from his basement. Dizzy Hunchoo released a single Via Soundcloud “Crazy” got over 100+ plays in a week. He Looks up to rappers like G herbo , Cdot Honcho , 3 problems , Rich Tha Kid. He is looking to get a record label and sign a contract. He hasnt Yet did a performance but he has alot of stuff coming this summer 2017 he looks to do alot at Parties this summer. ” I lost alot of people in my past i gotta grind for em” , Dizzy Said. He grinds for his mother , cousin , and brothers. He love support “it really means alot to me”. He just have to stay humble and stay lowkey. You can search me up on instagram @dizzyhunchoo314 , Soundcloud @DizzyHunchoo get hip on the newest music from me. Check Me out Link to Music ( https://soundcloud.com/user-116358579/dizzyhunchoo-crazy)

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