JMattson is an 18 year old artist from Vancouver, WA heavily influenced by Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, Hopsin, Eminem, Pouya, Dizzy Wright, and more. He began rapping at the age of 15 with a group entitled “The sWordbenders” who he had met in his days at Heritage High School where he would rap at lunch everyday with other MC’s. They would all go to J’s apartment after school almost every single day and cypher, smoke, drop knowledge, and just plot, but as the days went on and the music was made the group fell apart. With group founder and leader DayLeeKnight setting out to Hawaii early 2015, they were all less motivated about their craft then they had been before, including a couple members who stopped making music at all. With only 3 remaining members and very little music released or even in the works, JMattson decided it was time to take his music more seriously. He left The sWordbenders early 2016 and released a mixtape entitled “The Prelude” (which is available for streaming on soundcloud) and from then on he knew music was the love of his life and decided to dedicate mass amounts of time to it. Failing almost every subject and either truant or in class writing raps, he decided to drop out of school in the middle of his 11th grade year. He spent his days endlessly working on his craft, or promoting it, which is how he came across Kamel Clothing, a new upcoming clothing brand out of Abq, NM, they would begin sending him gear and he also linked up with another artist Kamel repped, Gain GREEN$. JMattson and GREEN$ released their first track entitled “BE$T COAST” on June 19th, 2016 which now has about 10,000 views. Continuing to work together, JMattson and GREEN$ started up a new record label, “EYECONIC ENTERTAINMENT” with a producer J knew, (Bark$Dale) in July 2016. They  started off by adding the duo from New York, Spiritual Conscientious (Apex Forte & Apex Rael) to their group, and would later add Tha Dark $aiyan to the team as well. JMattson dropped his first project under Eyeconic, “Searching For Nothing” on  September 18th, 2016 (available for stream on soundcloud) which got him a bit more attention in the underground. Dropping a hefty amount of singles after that, gaining more and more views each drop he’s started to make a bit of a name for himself. His newest tape, entitled “SOCIETY’S REJECTION” is fully produced by Sivik, which he met through Gain GREEN$ and is scheduled to release on June 8th, 2017. Hyping it up as his “Best work yet, EASILY” he also plans on releasing an EP with label mate Gain GREEN$ in the near future. Exciting moves are ahead for JMattson and the Eyeconic team this year. Links to JMattson and Eyeconic soundclouds below, make sure to give them a follow!


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EYECONIC Soundcloud:


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