My rap name is tgucci and am barely known. My best song I used to have called “designer gunna hook up my pants” had 540 plays but took it down. I’m located in Helena Ohio basically the only person that raps. I do not rap about all that gun things and killing people so I’m very different from every rapper nowadays which is good. I don’t have studio equipment so my stuff don’t sound amazing but I have a good sound. Mix and master everything myself and make my own covers. Rapping for me is just a hobby and don’t take it to serious but I think I have a good start for me doing it for fun. I don’t have a fan base to much but I also only started 2 weeks ago. What I rap about is girls and my life really because I hate fake rappers that are just trying to blow up. I can make any songs you want I just don’t have to much of a fan base so I don’t have anything that’s super “banger” yet. I’m trying to blow up but these days you have to rap about a murder or fucking another bitch but I’m just trying to spit real facts. I’m pretty good start for myself in my 2 weeks because if you search up tgucci online my soundcloud t_gucci comes up which to me personally that is amazing progress for that little of time. If you want to learn more about me here is the link to my music

Here is a picture of me

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