BluThaBandit born, Jason Attili, is a 16 year old rap/trap artist from Lawrence, Massachusetts. He prides himself in being a versatile artist able to spit over old school instrumentals as well as new wave trap beats. He creates music for people to “bump to, and go fucking crazy”. People describe his music as drippy and high quality. Blu also enjoys drawing in elements from places he has lived such as Hawaii, Korea, and Massachusetts. He creates songs that can fall into many genres of hip/hop and rap, but tends to create music that would fall under trap and cloud rap. He is currently in a rap cohort called “Infamous Gang” who’s main goal is to “make some fuckin’ ignorant shit, have fun, and maybe make some money along the way”. Blu occasionally produces his own instrumentals, but mixes and masters all of his and his gang members work. When asked what his goal [in music] was, he simply stated that ,”I just want to bring up my crew. You feel? I just want to make sure my momma is fed and that my gang is iced out. All the parties that come along with music, all the bitches that come, that’s all a side story. I’m just trying to help out my boys and live lavish”. He is proud to say that he never had to affiliate himself with anything other than “Infamous Gang” and that he didn’t need dirty money to progress. He recently saved up enough cash to buy all the equipment needed for a home studio and now plans on creating higher quality music for “the people to enjoy”. He also recently deleted his main SoundCloud page because he felt that “all the content on there was trash. Hot trash! I don’t want that shit representing my brand. I’ve decided to restart, no saving, no restore; just straight up purge all that”. His new page now will feature only his favorite music and needs more followers! BluThaBandit will be dropping a new EP this Friday, June 2, called BluBapeBear. He really wants some recognition and loves the feedback everyone gives him. When asked what he wanted to say for this article, Blu thought and then said, “I just want to mention that I’m working hard. I’m probably in the studio 10 hours a day. Easily. I don’t want that time to go to waste. I just want some people to realize what I’ve got is great and that it really bumps! I really do appreciate everyone who listens to my shit, they some real ones. But I guess I’m a greedy bitch, I want some more plays. So please check out my page and share all my songs. Thank you and I love you all”. Blu currently is planning on dropping another album soon and then going on tour sometime this Summer. Don’t miss out, hop on his wave!


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