I’m tommy, but my signature name is rather different than your normal rap name. I’m from upstate New York and live in the country. Not many people support me around here but I’ve heard all incredible things from people outside of my area. People are amazed when i say im 13 because my music has a more mature vibe than most kids who make music. I started when I was 9 and played around with garageband and did a rock rap sort of thing. I did not do so well but really my dream was to become a singer. So I took time off (about 2 years) and mastered in mixing and mastering and also producing. Come my way was one of my first songs I’ve made from scratch and the songs I produce go way farther than the free beats I use. People love the vibes I create and my songs will keep you on replay for hours. I have a tape for the summer coming here soon and you can’t miss it but check out my soundcloud¬†

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