I’m 16 year olds from Merrimac, Massachusetts (Near Haverhill). I have been playing guitar since I was 6 years old and I’ve been learning about music theory and music since then as well. At the age of 14 I got into Hip Hop and Rap and started listening to artists such as J cole and Kendrick Lamar. Last year I obtained equipment for a home recording studio as a gift for my advancement in music and since then I’ve produced many tracks and recorded for many singers and rappers. I write all of my own beats with the occasional download from online and all my lyrics are my own. My rap name is B-Meza for the time being and I’m starting my own home recording studio open to musicians like myself called TrueVision Productions. Music is all about making people’s souls move as much as their bodies to me and my lyrics simply
Give their minds something to chew on while their hearts feel the rhythm.
My SoundCloud account features my own beats and songs that I’ve recorded and mixed:  https://soundcloud.com/user-556957729/sets/true-culture

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