Lil Slim

Trap artist known as Lil Slim moved from Miami he is currently living in ¬†Jacksonville. He wants to make it big and become a famous trapper/rapper. Lil Slim stands out because of his great freestyles and his appearance. He is still with the same homies as back in the old days and loves to make music with them asswell.¬†Despite Lil Slim only being 16 years old, he’s making a name for himself and is growing quick and is a populair name in Jacksonville. Lil Slim has a big fan base who give him alot of support and are motivating the young trap artist. Lil Slim has the right drive to make it big and is working hard for his music and the grind. Lil Slim knows it will not come easy he said to us: ” At first I thought it was easy but thats not the case. If you want succes it still takes alot of hard work and energy to make it big. Personally for me I think the only way to be succesfull is via rapping. I dont see myself doing anything else and I think I have the focus and drive to make it. Im very confident about myself”.

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