Shoeboxx $horty

Today El Paso, TX is buzzing with 2 great artists who made it into today’s rap game, one being, Evander Griiim, and the other, Khalid Robinson but within the few years, “The Sun City” itself may have new talent coming into the music game. With that being said the 4 artists and 1 producer are “Benny St. Claire” also known as “shoeboxx $horty ” whose hit song “Aquafina” hit 125K plays on soundcloud, Next up “GeminiJayy” who’s hit song “Brand New” hit 24.8K plays on soundcloud. Next up on this list “Miles Angel” whose hit song “Panties Drop” hit 33K plays on soundcloud and last but not least of the artists is “Nova” whose hit song “Designer” hit a whopping 15.6K plays on soundcloud which is above average, being its his first song. Now the producer who made this list is “Rowdy J” because of his beats and unique sounds he was able to produce some interesting beats including “traumatized”, “Switch”, and Nova’s “Designer” just to name a few. Well this has been a review of a Few of the many upcoming artists of El Paso, Texas, We hoped you enjoyed our review.

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