The Futuristic Melody

Hello my stage name is the The Futuristic Melody ( The FM for short) my music is Boom-Bap hip-hop with lo-fi influences as well. With my sound having an old school style with an easy to understand and enjoy flow. I begun my musical career at the age of 14 at a time where i just did not know what i wanted to do with my life but on that year i gotten myself a laptop and internet and my musical career begun from there. Soon enough i saw myself making songs expressing problems in everyday life including stress and anxiety and also rapping about smoking and never giving up on my musical career on a track called ” The Bottom of the Cliff is Calling My name” featuring a good friend of mine with the stage name called ”JDez”. I have i wide variety of influences but main ones are MF DOOM,Clear Soul Forces, J Cole, Kur, Avionadramida, Capital STEEZ and, Joey Bada$$. MF DOOM in particular plays a major key in my music with myself adding superhero or pop culture samples in my songs a style used similar by MF DOOM himself. I dropped my debut EP Called ”Biiirth The Ep” on October 16 2016 with a single over Partynextdoor’s beat called ”No feelings” with my take on the beat being called ”Biiirth The Death?” and in this track i write about a suicide with referencing Drake with lines ”View me threw the sixth god” and dardevil’s fictional hometown of hell’s kitchen this song being probably one of my more successful songs that i dropped. The EP overall in my opinion will be no where near as good as future songs and projects i plan to release on the future. The tracks that i would definitely say define my style are ”INVADE” Tenkaichi” and ”Biiirth The death?” with each track bringing something different to offer. You can find me on platforms such as Soundcloud, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and bandcamp all under my stage name ”The Futuristic Melody” and my Facebook name being ”Akira Melody”.

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