My name is vacantBoymatt, I am currently 17 years old born and raised in Cali. I started rapping last year Fall time when I got more influenced by Chief Keef, Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, RichySamo, etc. The whole underground scene made me realize if I put my heart into this and follow my dreams, I can make it. Ever since I started rapping I have taken it more ans more serious as each day passes. My biggest motivation would also have to be my family theyre the people I do this for the most because they’ve showed and taught me alot and I just would love to give back the world to them. My team name is vacantBoyz. We’re a group team coming out the Valley and they have a huge impact on my music as well, they’re a team I know not to let go of. Without them I wouldn’t find so much confidence in myself and I thank them for that. Music has became my every day life hobby and I will go on for as long as i breathe. Don’t miss out on my content, I always appreciate everybody who listens.

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