Rich The Kid

Dimitri Leslie Roger was born on July 13, 1992, in Queens, New York but was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and is an American trapper. Dimitri came from a poor family, to contribute to the family income he started stealing at a young age.  Dimitri has been arrested regularly and has been sentenced to jail for short periods. Dimitri wanted to become a professional basketball player and when it becomes clear that he’s not good enough and listens to a lot of rappers such as Nas, Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, he starts to practice rapping.  At the age of 13 he moved to Atlanta with his mother, who was just divorced from his father.  Dimitri got into hiphop even more from then on.  He was the clown of the class, and because his family can hardly pay the bills he gets into trouble with the police regularly.  He worked briefly at Wendy’s (fastfood restaurant) until he gets sacked. He felt that too many people came in to serve and found out that working for a boss is not his thing.

At the age of 16 he made serious efforts to become a respected rapper and started to work on tracks in a studio. His mother though his behaviour grew worse, he got arrested more often, and kicked him out of the house. He then started to hang around on the street with his family members, Migos (of which Quavo is his cousin), who have made a breakthrough in the rap game too. Dimitri looked for a place to sleep and was cared for by the three rappers. Dimitri, then rapping with the stage name Black Boy The Kid, started to make music with the rap group Migos. The Migos promote their music well and the rappers start to make money. Motivated by his success, Dimitri thought he needed a better stage name and changed his name into Rich The Kid. Rich The Kid made a mixtape with Migos: ‘Streets On Lock’. Migos received a lot of attention when they released their hit ‘Versace’ and started touring. Rich The Kid joins them and then they developed their signature move ‘the Dab‘. Because the rappers are family many people expected that Rich The Kid joinded Migos as a fourth group member but that never happened because he started a solo career.

Rich The Kid worked hard for his music and gets noticed by his typical unique sound and style. It is clear that the trapper loves fashion and expensive cars.  Rich The Kid is regarded as an excentric person because of his behaviour (brushing his teeth in his music clips, grabbing the assess of girls and wearing ski glassess of the Supreme brand, etc). Also because of his excentricity he has accumulated a large fan base. Rich The Kid has cooperated with many artists, for example Kodak Black, Ty Dolla Sign, Migos, Famous Dex, Jaden Smith and 21 Savage. He even cooperated with Diplo and Justin Bieber as part of his marketing strategy to promote his music with a wider audience.

At the age of 23 Rich The Kid becomes a CEO of his own label Rich Forever Music and signs Famous Dex. The first thing that was released by this label was Rich Forever Music: The Mixtape that features Famous Dex, Skippa Da Flippa, Lil Yachty, OG Maco and Offset. In June 2016 Rich The Kid signed a deal with 300 Entertainment to become a parent company of Rich Forever Music. After a personal disagreement Rich The Kid signs with Interscope Records a 2 million dollar contract a year later concerning his solo career. His label and Famous dex are still under contract with 300 Entertainment.

Over the years, the trapper has released 8 mixtapes at the moment of writing:  Been About the Benjamins, Feels Good to Be Rich, Rich Than Famous , Flexin On Purpose , Dabbin’ Fever, Trap Talk, Keep Flexin en Rich Forever 3.

The track I like best are:



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