Marcus Jackson rap name (LilFiend) is a rapper and producer who grew up in Fayetteville North Carolina and started rapping when he recieved a mp3 player for his birthday. During this time his father would give it to a co-worker who thought the young rapper had potential. The brother of Marcus Jackson  Brian aka (Young Sycho) would spend countless hours freestyling from and aux disk on Marcus old record player.

The family need to move to Sanford after their house burned out. In their new house they create a small studio where Young Sycho started to make beats and instrumentals. Two years later their father drived them to a bigger studio where they recorded their song ”Recess” at that time Marcus and his four brothers had arranged a group called “The Carolina Boyz.” The group didn’t last long because of personal disagreement and the rappers go each their own way. In the summer of 2016 Lilfiend dropped his song “heavy” at that time he was going by the name “{AM}” (bracketts included)which was posted  on itunes,spotify,soundcloud,youtube, and googleplay. It was until February of 2017 where the rapper decided he needed a better stage name and changed it to Lilfiend. We hope to hear alot from Lilfiend in the future go check his soundcloud below.

Link to Lil Fiend – Darkness

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