Dynamic Duo (Nexxup & Lido)

Maybe meeting in Pittsburgh, at college, was the best thing to happen to Upcoming artist Nexxup and wavering artist Lido. Here they release a smooth mellow EP called Nightfall. I can honestly say these kids have a lot of talent. As we know Nexxup is already on Cmplex’s top 100 SoundCloud artist to watch the next 3 years after hitting a million views. But this Lido is mysterious as we don’t know much about him but may be seeing a lot of music come from him as he seems to be Nexxups accomplice. This EP will easily touch millions WITH TIME!! Big ups and success to these guys link below to there newest song “Nightfall” and follow Lido on Instagram @the.lido and nexxup @Nexxup Listen to Nightfall – Lido x Nexxup https://soundcloud.com/iamnexxup/nightfall-lido-x-nexxup

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