Karnage Jey

Lurking in the deepest, darkest cracks of hell is a demon by the name of Karnage Jey. With his aggressive and hard hitting music he brings out a new side of the Philly rap scene. Karnage is the founder of the upcoming group #RageLordRecords (Rage Lord Cartel). Working with co/founder @GhostTheRapper to build a deadly empire of diverse and talented artist. Alongside them are artist such as RON$Y, Hxnjv, Lord Kamii, DJ Deity, Yung Teriyaki and more.

Karnage gains most of his dark lyrical influences from his favorite bands such as Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Behemoth and Deicide. Karnage also has two other alter ego’s (Little Demon and GrungeGawd) that bring out his destructive vocals on every beat. Little Demon is one of the alter ego’s that has been getting noticed a lot lately by making appearances on songs such as “Demon Pit”, “Dog Days in Hell” and “III HEADED DAWG” (on the last verse). Little Demon’s high pitched screams make him more insanely evil than anything you’ve ever heard. His signature ad-lib (Eeee Yuhhh) gives you the chills of watching a scary movie with the lights turned off. Though, GrungeGawd rarely makes appearances on songs but when you hear that deep growling snarl, it’s a warning that the song will be something deadly. GrungeGawd (a.k.a Grungey) is the monster you don’t want to meet.

Overrall, Karnage Jey is one of the most outrageous and underrated artist to come out of North Philly and plans to start a side project deathcore band within the next year and a half. Be sure to check out his music on SoundCloud and catch him  live at the next Rage Fest raging to the max.

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