Lupe 94

Lupe 94 is a unpredictable creative that constantly reconstructs his sound and style. Prevailing from “South Land Pocket” (a combination of both the South Land Park and Pocket neighborhoods in Sacramento, California) he started out as an integral member of the Pocket Fixed Mob as a graphic designer, emcee and internet personality. In 2011, he provided a character on the intro to Wod Higgins’ (then Kahlil) mixtape, “Tardy Slip,” in which he also created the cover art. He started recording his own music in 2012 when he locked himself in his home studio with various substances and a lot of thoughts, resulting in a 33-track compilation of different projects and newer singles which include, The Pre-Cuming (2012) & The Fall (2013). The unmastered compilation is appropriately titled, Scrilla 2012, which can be found on his bandcamp. After a brief hiatus, he was able to offer a glimpse into his songwriting progress by showing up on Wod’s, Good Problems (2014) and Moose Marlowe’s, Sleepless In Sacramento (2016). Since then, he has released a few singles here and there, most notably a track titled, “Half-Cabo”, produced by Odd Future affiliate BrandUn DeShay. This along with other dialogue on his instagram, only hints at a few new projects set to release sometime in 2017. Find Out More: Music: Instagram: Lupe94DotOrg Website: Lupe94. org

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