Segahonn is a 15 year old rapper that raps with signature flows and cadences that don’t match anyone else. He dropped his first single ‘Cheddar’ in January of 2016 then later dropped his second single ‘Love No Hoe’ in May 2016. He made it out of spite due to his ex girl cheating on him. He did not expect to blow up as it did. It got 150 thousand views, which is alot for a local rapper.

Later on he tries to master his craft and explore diverse sounds to find his own unique style with songs like ‘Sketchers’ and ‘The Best Song Ever’ these songs both racked up to 20 thousand views. He doesn’t drop as many songs because he want to bring only the highest quality to his fans. His fans are very loyal to the rapper.

He worked already with alot of other artist like: Almightyruru, Lil Driip, Tae Retro, 2kkmars and many others.

Segahonn said to us that he is working on another project called ‘OVANITE2’ ¬†which will be an Ep. Go follow him on IG @segahonn to keep informed. Check here his soundcloud.

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