Nimbus Nine

Nimbus Nine AKA Senior Svspect is an upcoming indie / underground artist from Freeport, NY. He is the creator of a higher collective called Emperor Society (Creative Arts Label) which is basically a label for the arts. ES includes Rappers, Actors, Graphic Designers, Photographers, ETC. He also runs a movement / rap group ((444CLVN)) with his partner Lee Horus. He is influenced by cloud rap & ambient / trippy music blended with an raw energetic / hype sound. The mixture creates a balance of versatile & conscious lyrics on 808 beats that will make you want to bounce & listen at the same time. He has over 50 songs on soundcloud & a lot of music videos on youtube. Senior Svspect is the name of his alter ego in which vocals are slowed, chopped, & screwed with a darker, aggressive, raw sound. IF you want to check out his music Search Up ” Nimbus Nine ” on Youtube & SoundCloud ((IG)): @Nimbus_Nine

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