Micah Talley

Born Micah Talley on November 9, 2000 , Raised in St.Louis,Missouri, “Mic” grew up with music in his blood. Mic’s parents seperated when he was young , and he was raised by his mother; who quickly shot the family out from Wilmington,Delaware.  Micah Grew up listening to Music artists suich as Kendrick Lamar , Wiz Khalfa , Dr.Dre , Snoop Dogg , 2pac , Simple Plan , Paramore , and Other Artists of different genres.  Mic stated recently “I Dont like to be boxed in.  I dont like to be judged.  I try to make music that at least appeals to anyone in any genre.

I keep my music heterogeneous and Different as possible.”

Check here  his song ‘Steal or kill‘ and ‘Shooters

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    I see you son son…don’t stop grinding!


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