Famous Dex

Dexter Gore Jr was born on September 6, 1993, in Harlem, New York and is an American trapper. Dexter was raised in Englewood, which is considered a dangerous neighbourhood.  Chief Keef (rapper) lived a few streets from Dexter and he played basketball till his junior year in highschool. His mother was an ihop waitress before she passed away. Dexter wanted to make some money and took a side job. He didn’t like the minimum wages and commits robberies and starts to deal in weed and dope.  He gets arrested and was jailed and then some day things go really bad, and Dexter was stabbed 6 times in front of his home and left there to die. He was in a coma for four days and realized he had to make a better future for himself. Dexter already listened to rap music a lot when he was much younger, his favourite rappers are: Nas, Big L, The Notorious B.I.G, Run-D.M.C and Mobb Deep. His favourite television show was Dexter’s Laboratory. Dexter starts to practice his raps and released several rap clips using multiple stage names, for example, Dexter and Black Migo Dex.

Dexter’s brothers were gangbangers and were members of the Gangster Disciples. Despite rumours saying otherwise, Dexter has denied that he was a member of this gang.

Famous Dex stands out for his wild energy and the fun he shows while making his tracks. His trademark are his shouting of “Dexter” and “Oh man goddam” in his songs. On the moment of this writing, Dexter has dropped 6 albums:  Dexter the Robot, Heartbreak Kid, OhhManngGoddDamm, Dexter’s Laboratory, Never Seen It Coming and Drippy. On April 29, 2016. Famous Dex signed a contract at Rich Forever Music of which trapper Rich The Kid is the CEO.

The tracks I like best are:


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