Chandler Bowen, also know as chvndlr, is an Atlanta based rapper/singer who is part of the music group Society Music. Chvndlr grew up on the northern part of Georgia were music wasnt really an option to pursue, but then he moved to conyers were he found other inspiring artists that had the same dream as his. Soon after his 8th grade year, he joined the group Society Music and started producing music. Society produced their first song that consisted of almost every member with chvndlr singing the chorus. Grind accumulated over 1,000 views which gave not only chvndlr hope but also Society.
Chvndlr has only a handfew of songs out but his latest song, Cant Fight It ft. Ahmady and Camo! reached over 1,000 views in under a week. Chvndlr’s style was first inspired to be a sap kind of artist but wants to branch out to different styles of rap. ¬†Also in the near future Chvndlr will release a music video for Cant Fight It and also will feature on several mixtapes from Artists like Multi, Society Music, Slip, and Skully. Also Chvndlr has more music on the way come later this summer. And don’t forget to check out Can’t Fight It ft Ahmady and Camo! On SoundCloud and YouTube.
SoundCloud- chvndlr
Instagram- chvndlr
Twitter- chvndlr__
Society Music instagram- Societymusicatl
Link for Can’t Fight It

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