The story as told in the words of JayLuciiid:

I go by the name of JayLuciiid and I’m 18 years old currently representing a independent record label that me and my family put together called NharmonyEnt along with me carrying the brotherhood name of BrosOvaSnakes, one of my Bros is my producers and he currently 17 years old and he goes by the name of NolaBoy, me and him both make tracks but he’s like the overall master producer when it comes down to making hits after hits, we currently is trying to keep bringing a original sound and hold up real lyricism and hip hop while also delivering spiritual messages, I record everything myself, mix everything myself with my own Lil set up, we just looking for someone that’s willing to back us so we can move to a higher level in our career. If so we can make a better life for our families and be able to travel the world and make some positive results.

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