La Lune

The story as told in the words of La Lune:

Hi, my name is La Lune and I am an artist from Montreal, Canada and yes, I am a French Canadian. When I was younger I was listening to all kinds of music except Hip-Hop. I even  hated it. I always said that it wasn’t real music. Then one day, when I was 14, I heard’Today was a Good Day’ from Ice Cube and since, I cannot stop listening to Hip-Hop.  Now I’m 18 years old and here I am. I’ve been making Hip-Hop since I was 15, but I started to take it more seriously since last year. I don’t want to be a lyricist, in fact I don’t even consider myself a ‘real’ rapper. My main goal is to make music that sounds good and that is a reason why I sing more than I rap my lyrics in my song. I rarely have a meaningful message to say in my songs. I can be very positive or very negative when it comes to the emotions I express in my music. I can talk about love, money, loneliness, sadness, etc. My first language being French, I have an obvious accent in my songs. But I always said that it makes me more unique. I still don’t know if I wanna make music in French or in English, so I’m making both. My friends and all the people close to me don’t really like my music (well they never actually said anything about it, but they ain’t showing love either) that’s why I lean more toward English music. I produce the majority of my songs because I’ve always done everything by myself. By doing that, I can actually say that it is MY song. Not just my voice on a leased beats. I have a southern sound in my music. I really love the contrast between an heavy 808 and a high-pitched voice. I am an humble person, I respect everything and everybody. It’s kind of a strenght and a weakness at the same time you know? Here is my Soundcloud:

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  • 4 July 2017 at 20:09

    Damn he’s a hard rapper!


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